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Welcome to your biggest source for EXO photos and scans collected in ONE place (still uploading so keep on checking back ;)))! Take out will full & proper credits. Here you can find all EXO-K and EXO-M related photos, whether its photo shoots, promo teasers photos, performance photos, fan taken photos and etc. mostly in HQ and HD |smile|
Credits go for the owners, unless it's stated otherwise. No infringement intended. And everything used here is for entertainment purposes only.
Enjoy! |wink|

Account @ tumblr to follow: http://exokmgallery.tumblr.com
Looks like this site http://rip.rarchives.com/ is back! You can try to download albums you want using that site & following it's instructions |smile|

p.s. also a short notice for any future misunderstandings: this Gallery isn't related to any fansites, accounts, groups or communities. I work ALONE, and alone only |smile| The twitter account you see is the only thing related here |wink|
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